Hydraulic valves

Heart of your machine

Hydraulic valve mech. joystick 7 section

Especially designed hydraulic valve for use on forestry cranes. It has a three-axis mechanical joystick that usually controls 2 sections at the same time. Usually, the joystick part is used for arm movement and the lever part for the grapple or support legs. The valve is sectional, which makes it very flexible when individual sections need to be replaced. Including relief valves on main sections.
We have always plenty of them in stock, depends on equipment price varies from 390€ / 1 pcs (netto)
Special versions of individual sections and positioners are also available.

Hydraulic valve el. ON/OFF 8 section

Hydraulic valve 8-section + 2x joystick, flow 70 L/min manually and electrically controlled (3x2 sections with electric joysticks and 2 levers for supports), is widely used on forest trailers, loaders or front loaders. Suitable for bigger cranes mainly for those with telescopic boom.
Depends on equipment price varies from 1190€ / 1 pcs (netto)

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