FARMA Log Lifter

For easy manipulation with logs

FARMA Log Lifter LL 1000

FARMA has developed a complete log lifter for a variety of tractors with front loaders, wheel loaders, telescopic loaders and other small machines with standard brackets.

LL 1000 allows you to move logs simply and easily, on the farm, in the forest and in the terminal.

Log lifter has a max opening of 100 cm and can hold up to 50 cm logs. In normal use it lifts 600 kg.

To add extra value to your log lifter, we offer RW 600 winch as an extra option.Using the winch you can pull the material from 30 metres. The winch is controlled remotely, which is included with the necessary valve installation. It is easily retrofitted.

The log lifter is available with various bolted brackets which are interchangeable, if necessary.
The price of the complete device, depending on the equipment, ranges from €1990-€3400 (netto)

Recommended Oil flow (l/min)20-40
Max. grapple opening (mm)1 000
Max. height (mm)1 165
Max. pressure (MPa)19.0
Weight (Kg)165
Max load capacity (Kg)1 500