FARMA  Skidder

Easiest way of logging with small tractors

FARMA Skidder - klembank

FARMA grapple skidder is a powerful tool for small and medium-sized tractors to get timber out from the forest. There are several models available depending on the requirement. The grapple skidder makes it is easy to grab logs and pull them into place, even in poorly accessible areas. The specially developed grapple has a max opening of 1 metre, weights 87 kg and is made of high strength steel.**

Grapple skidder is available with manual pull-out or hydraulic telescopic mechanism. Operations are possible with the tractor’s hydraulics. As an extra option to the grapple skidder, we offer the FARMA winch RW600S that can be controlled via the tractor or via radio control. The winch can pull out 600 kg.The winch also includes a protective cover to protect driver and the tractor.FARMA grapple skidder is designed to fit Cat 1 and 2 three-point tractor hitches.
Price of complete set varies from 1990-3490€ (netto).

Weight (Kg)224
Gripping force arms tip-tip (kN)7.0
Max working pressure (MPa)17.5
Turning angle (°)90
Telescopic extension (mm)500
Plate width (mm)1020
Linkage category (Hk)<60